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                Hangzhou Chuan Wo Machinery Co., Ltd.
                ADD: Wesl Side of Li Qun Road,Qianjiang Farm 73021 Army Agricultural Base,Xiaoshan,Hangzhou,China.
                Contact: Mr. Xu
                Tel: 0571-82239266  18657112088
                Fax: 0571-82239266
                Email: hzchjx@163.com
                Service TEL: 0571-82239277

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                CNC lathe step is how to divide?

                  CNC lathe to position the part clamping mode split step. Due to the different structural shapes of each part, the technical requirements of the various different surfaces, so in processing, which can vary targeting. When the general shape of machined parts, less-shaped positioning; positioning shape to shape in the machined parts. According to different targeting methods to divide the processes.

                  CNC lathes by rough and fine machining process is divided. According to the machining accuracy, rigidity and deformation and other factors to divide step, according to rough and finish the principle of separating step to be divided, that is, first roughing, then finishing. At this point you can use different tools or different tool for processing. Usually in a single installation, do not allow the rear surface of the processing is complete, then a part of the processing of parts other parts of the surface. To reduce the number of tool changes, shortening the running time of air travel and reduce unnecessary positioning error, you can use the same tool according to centralized processing step approach to machining process is divided parts. Whenever possible, use the same tool to be processed can be processed all the parts, and then replace the other to the other parts of the tooling parts. In the special machine tools and machining centers often use this method.

                  Hangzhou-Wo Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the design, production and operation of various models of CNC lathes, the company has a large number of professional and technical personnel, machine design, production, assembly, service grasp the strict quality, achieve total customer satisfaction.

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