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                  中文版  /    ENGLISH

                CONTACT US

                Hangzhou Chuan Wo Machinery Co., Ltd.
                ADD: Wesl Side of Li Qun Road,Qianjiang Farm 73021 Army Agricultural Base,Xiaoshan,Hangzhou,China.
                Contact: Mr. Xu
                Tel: 0571-82239266  18657112088
                Fax: 0571-82239266
                Email: hzchjx@163.com
                Service TEL: 0571-82239277

                Company Dynamic

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                Warmly celebrate Hangzhou Chuan Wo machinery Corporate website formally launched!!

                  Dear old and new customers:

                  Hello! Hangzhou Chuanhe machinery limited company Has recently completed the production the site.

                  Along with the continuous development and growth of enterprises, in order to provide better service to you, our recently will launch after the revision of the corporate website. Website will provide you with pure and fresh, more friendly interface, Function settings will be more reasonable, professional, website content is more simple and With pertinence facilitate the broad masses of customers through the web site is rapidly gaining our latest information and related product information.

                  Of course, enterprise official website launched is likely to still exist some shortcomings, hope that the majority of customers and friends can give us proposed more valuable recommendations for better, our will also constantly working to improve the quality of service, to provide more and better service for you.

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