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                CNC machine tool manufacturers to strict safety

                  For CNC machine tool manufacturers to strict safety, specific requirements can look Xiaobian introduction:

                  1. The workpiece and fixture to be fixed firmly, each knife to eat the amount should not be too large.

                  2.CK6140 CNC lathe bed can not be placed upon the debris around the machine should be kept clean.

                  3. Do not disassemble the rotary table. Do not use a manual tool change method swap position of the tool magazine.

                  4. Before processing should carefully check whether workpiece coordinate system origin and processing path and the holder, the workpiece, the machine interfere, subject to the new procedures after checking before being executed.

                  5. repair, maintenance of CNC machine tools, non-starting machine. After the failure to clear the cause of the fault and the exclusion of machine failure, and then restart the machine.

                  6. The mark is strictly prohibited to remove or move maintenance and warning labels on the CNC machine tools, removed the security device is prohibited, such as: safety switches, safety locks, security guard and so on.

                  7. The process of CNC machine tools should be noted that the display state of the abnormal situation should be timely treatment, with particular attention to the alarm, emergency stop over travel and other security operations. We need to clean up before the machine, the first stop in the middle of the axis position, in accordance with the requirements of sequentially turn off the power, then clean the machine.

                  8. Human safety is always first. Note that the operator of self-protection, prohibit operation with gloves when operating CNC machine tools, to bring eye protection when necessary and so on. Factory to many new operators to operate CNC machines, often because they do not familiar with the machine or in violation of rules of operation and can cause personal injury or damage to the CNC machine tools.

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