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                What is the difference CNC lathes, precision punching and stamping general?

                  Precision CNC lathes and conventional press stamping essentially different, means a material through precision stamping presses Precision punching out a variety of materials, these precision stampings itself has higher accuracy than conventional stamping requirements, such as terminal strip, USB interface, motor rotor, fin, EI sheet, etc., demand, products that require high precision. The general requirement is not too high in precision stamping, CNC lathes stood in small series cost-saving point of view, we will consider the general press.

                  While ordinary punching low accuracy, but also has its specific market needs, the substrate is thicker, no cutting, cutting, drawing and other processes, stamping material is a plate, pipe, etc., and the product is not a single volume requirements when using Normal stamping to meet the requirements.

                  Precision stamping parts processing production process, stamping or roll forming, it must be considered a suitable precision punch, mold, materials, lubricants and other technical support. Precision stamping needs to be produced by precision press facilities, press configuration, the pressure effects and safety devices have the following requirements:

                  1. easy to achieve the best working condition.

                  2. In the rigid vertical and horizontal directions is high.

                  3. The mold mounting table, liner installation mold, deformation is minimal.

                  4. There must be measures to prevent mold damage, for precision punching, in addition to outside pressure by punching processing center as advantageous method of processing materials meet deformation capacity increase, it is to produce each of the two auxiliary hydrostatic pressure generating means.

                  ① along the outline of the design on the part of the Y-shaped plate annular projection, because about 50% of the punching pressure for pressing the material to be machined, called ring plate.

                  ② in the back end surface of the product feeder, punching pressure is applied to the master about 25%, referred to as backpressure. These three pressure noninterference in each other, and each of pressure forming and synchronization must be suitable for molding and punching and other processing requirements, and can be adjusted.

                  ③ processing speed must be shaped according to the requirements of the object or punching processing conditions to be adjusted. For the construction of the mold only requiring a simple and lightweight, but also suitable for use requirement. When machining plate, for easy deformation of the mold, thanks to the central support, so there is no significant deformation. Even when punching in the workpiece is squeezed into the die, if the feeder back back, which is also the center of the die supported supported. If the ring is connected to the side of the platen hydraulic piston, back, side of the die plate ring is inside or center bearing supports text, so any time rigid nor destroyed.

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