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                You understand the care and maintenance of high-speed presses auxiliary device

                  Maintenance of high-speed presses auxiliary device main CNC dividing head, automatic tool changer, the hydraulic pressure system of care and maintenance. The following Xiaobian to introduce CNC lathe:

                一、High-speed presses Hydraulic System Maintenance:

                  1. strictly enforce the daily inspection system, leak check the system, noise, vibration, pressure and temperature are normal.

                  2. regularly check the oil inside the tank, filter, replace; check the cooler and heater performance, controlling the oil temperature;

                  3. regularly check and replace seals to prevent leakage of hydraulic systems ;; checked regularly clean or replace hydraulic parts, filters, regularly check the cleaning tank and piping;

                二、Pressure System Maintenance:

                  1. Note the adjusted working pressure; periodically check the cleaning or replacement of pneumatic components, filter.

                  2. The selection of a suitable filter, remove impurities in the compressed air and water; keep the tightness of the pneumatic system, regularly check and replace seals;

                  3. Check the amount of oil mist system is to ensure that the air has an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to lubricate pneumatic components, to prevent rust, wear and tear and cause air leakage element action failure.

                CNC dividing head of Maintenance:

                  CNC dividing head CNC milling machines and machining centers, and other commonly used accessories, whose role is to follow the instructions CNC device for rotary indexing or continuous rotary feed motion, so that high-speed presses to complete the specified precision, and therefore, in operational use Note that in strict accordance with the instructions of the requirements of CNC dividing head and use proper operation procedures.

                High-speed presses automatic tool changer Maintenance:

                  Automatic tool changer is different from other high-speed machining center punch characteristic structure. It has the processing requirements according to functions required for automatic replacement of the tool, to help speed punch save auxiliary time, and meet more complete installation in one step, step processing requirements. Thus, in operational use should pay attention to regular checks of the operation of the mechanical structure of the components of the automatic tool changer is working properly, whether there is abnormal; Check lubrication is good and so on, and pay attention to ATC reliability and security checks.

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